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We're delighted to announce our new Christmas Cards Collections for 2016

A publication in the journal Cancer reviewed all publications about Quality of Life of survivors of Stem Cell transplants.The authors Dr R Chakaborty and colleagues reviewed over 450 publications and only felt that 24 (5%) yielded any meaningful information. I am glad to say that the Open Window study carried out in the Denis Burkitt Unit was among the 5%.

The Open Window Team. Denis Roche, Catherine McCabe and Fran Hegarty

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Latest News:

Denis Roche, Research Fellow @ The National College of Art and Design (NCAD) and Professor Shaun McCann have been invited to speak at a meeting 'Art, Design and New Technology for Health' at the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A).

They will address the subject of 'Designing digital environments for health-reconciling isolation, and connectivity' at the conference on June 19th. They will base their talks on the Open Window project and the recent exhibition:' Blood: not for the faint hearted'. in the Science gallery in TCD which attracted over 100,000 visitors.

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Welcome to the Bone Marrow for Leukaemia Trust Website

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Bone Marrow for Leukaemia Trust website. We are a charity specifically dedicated to supporting people in Ireland who have leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma and have had or may need a  stem cell transplant.

We provide direct support for patients and their relatives – especially recognising the support needed for those coming from outside Dublin.  We also support the running of the Haematology Department in St James Hospital, Dublin, in the national allogeneic transplant centre.  It is the only location where an adult can receive a sibling or matched unrelated donor stem cell transplant.