Fundraising Ideas


A Dance Marathon

Host a dance-a-thon and challenge participants to dance for as long as they can!
Supporters can also request songs for €2 – €5
Last one standing receives a prize.

Battle of the Bands

Gather local bands to put on a charity concert! Both performers and attendees pay a registration fee. Having influencers on the judging panel, like popular radio hosts or a local celebrity, can also be a great way to get people interested in your show.

Bike Relay

Turn a tried and true fundraising idea – the traditional bike race – into a team-oriented activity. Set up a relay style race with prizes for the teams that place.

Charity Shave-a-thon

Possibly for only the bravest of the brave, this event is a fun way to raise funds. Get together some of your male or female friends – colleagues and issue them with sponsorship cards. They in turn can collect sponsorship from their families, friends and workmates. Your local pub would be an ideal location for participants to lose their locks, helped no doubt by the fact that an abundance of dutch courage is close to hand. You will also find there are plenty of barbers who will give their services free to perform the dastardly deed!!

Dart Match

Again this event can be organised by approaching your local publican for permission to hold a fundraising dart match. Ask your local dart team to help you organise the event and distribute sponsorship cards.

Donate for Talent

Crowd source talent with this quick fundraising idea and put on a talent show. In addition to an entry fee, supporters can donate to cast votes for winning numbers of different categories.

Dog Walk

A sponsored dog walk is a novel and fun way of raising funds as well as giving your favourite ‘pooch’ some exercise and a day out with his/her canine friends. Approach friends and colleagues to join in with their pets and issue them with sponsorship cards. At the finish have a presentation ceremony. Ask your local kennels for support and ideas on novelty prizes. Get rosette’s and present them to the winners…you decide the categories. End off the day with a party, tea/coffee, and cakes/buns/minerals for the kids. The Dog, they say is mans best friend so give him/her a day out and raise funds for the charity

Give It Up

To demonstrate how the smallest donation can make a difference, ask fundraisers to give up a daily beverage or meal and donate the money to a worthwhile cause instead. Intensify the appeal by asking supporters to participate for a certain number of days or encouraging them to meet a personal fundraising goal.

Golf Classic

Approach your local Golf Club and ask them for a day or half day to run this event. Advertise in your local paper and social media. Write to business people in the town and ask them to enter a team or sponsor a golf prize. By charging a modest fee to participate in the golf outing you can raise quite a substantial amount of money.

Gourmet Raffle

Approach some of your local restaurants and ask if they will donate a voucher for an evening meal for 2 people. Many will include a bottle of wine as part of the package. You can then hold a Raffle using the vouchers as prizes.

Pub Table Quiz

Most publicans will allow you to run a charity table quiz on their premises. By charging a small fee you can raise a substantial amount of sponsorship. Approach local businesses for spot prizes etc. and get some friends to help you prepare suitable questions for the event. Your publican may also be willing to let you advertise the event by placing posters on the premises there by increasing your chances of a full house!

Race Night

Why not organise a race night in your local pub. Sell the races, trainers, horses and jockey’s before hand and on the night have a bookmaker to set the odds for each race. It is a great fun night and a good way to raise funds. By organising your own fundraising event at work, school or in your community you can raise funds for BMLT support services and have a whole lot of fun along the way!  We’ll be there every step of the way so get in touch using the contact form with any questions you have and we’ll get you on the right track!

Recipe Books

As a tribute to pre-Pinterest days (before people could share DIY projects and recipes on social media) you can crowdsource recipes from different supporters, and even across your organization, to compile a solid, hard-copy charity cookbook.

Roller Race

Or, how about switching up the usual 5K run/walk with a roller-skating marathon? In addition to fundraising for entry, participants can raise money for proper gear like helmets and kneepads.

Run the Race

Host a costumed race where people dress up in alignment with a pop culture phenomenon, whether it’s zombies, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or another theme. With all the different options to choose from, this quick fundraising idea never gets old.

Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt and send participants all around town. Charge a registration fee and offer extra tips and hints for different donation amounts.


As the weather starts to improve you could organise a swimathon. This could take place in your local pool or if you are near the sea. – why not brave it! Ask the swimming club to get involved and again distribute sponsorship cards. Volunteers, not swimming, could be on hand with hot drinks for those who brave it.

Three Legged Race

Team up with a friend and challenge other pairs to a three legged race. To make it more fun, why not do it in fancy dress too? Each team pays to play.

Tie-Dye Party

Tie-dye and sell T-shirts that promote your cause, host a get-together with materials for people to make their own tie-dye shirts and charge an entrance fee, or offer to tie-dye personal items for a donation.

Treasure Hunt

Create a treasure hunt and challenge your friends to find what you have hidden. Pay to play.

Welly Throwing Competition

Put your shot put skills to the test and see

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