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Paul Bouwmeester who is running in the Dublin City Marathon (October 30th) and the Richmond Marathon (November 12th) in honour of Andy Bacon, “a true hero” as Paul said and “Andy fought his cancer with undeniable courage, humour, transparency, and maturity way beyond his years. He used his personal journey to foster understanding and provide hope and support to others. He is an inspiration to us all. In Andy’s honour, I am raising much needed funds for the Bone Marrow for Leukemia Trust (BMLT). BMLT is dedicated to supporting people who have Leukaemia, Lymphoma or Myeloma and have had or may need a stem cell transplant”.

BMLT provides direct support for patients and their relatives. BMLT also supports the running of the Haematology Department in St James’s Hospital, Dublin, in the National Allogeneic Transplant Centre. It is the only location where a patient can receive a sibling or matched unrelated donor stem cell transplant.

Paul went on to say “My fundraising goal is to raise 5,244 Euro, an amount that equates to 100 Euro per mile over 2 marathons. In order to achieve or exceed this goal, you can help by donating anything you can through the following link: iDonate
All proceeds go directly to support the mission of BMLT.

For my Dublin based friends, colleagues, and former co-workers please also come out to support the runners in Dublin on October 30, 2022. Let’s get this done to honour Andy and to translate his impact on all of us into meaningful support for the Bone Marrow for Leukemia Trust (BMLT). Team support area details to follow…let’s make some noise!”