Letitia McFarlane’s Fundraising

Letitia’s Mum Karen Bell and her partner Adam Lloyd, Letitia, Dr Robert Henderson Consultant Haematologist, Liz Higgins CAR T Service Co-Ordinator, Katie Bohen , CAR T administration manager.

Letitia McFarlane received CAR T-Cell therapy  in St James’s in January of this year.  

She is now 5 months post therapy and doing really well

As a thank you for the use of one of the BMLT apartments, she held a fundraising event which included raffling a Celtic jersey and Football.

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy is a highly personalised technology whereby a patient’s T-cells can be re-programmed to target and kill cancer cells. It involves collecting T-cells from a patient’s blood and genetically altering them in a lab before transfusing them back into the patient to fight the cancer. It is used to treat certain types of Lymphoma/leukaemia  The provision of CAR T-Cell therapy for Adult patients commenced in December 2021 in St James, Hospital Dublin. To date, 70 patients have now received this therapy.

Once discharged from the hospital patients are required to stay with a 1-2 hour journey time of St James’s for a period of 2 weeks approximately to enable close monitoring which often involves  twice weekly visits to the Haematology day ward. During this time, it is also required that a relative /friend must also be present with them at all times.

The availability of one of the BMLT Apartments for this use is critical and eases a lot of stress for this patient cohort.