UCD Med Week Fundraiser 2021

UCD Med Week is an annual charity fundraising event organised by the Medical Society. The
week generally involves a number of specific fundraising events, all culminating with Med
Day which sees members of the Society hit the streets of Dublin, shaking buckets to collect
donations for the chosen charity.

Med Week 2020 was postponed due to the global pandemic that is Covid-19. Normally the society would run pub quizzes and sporting events, but unfortunately all such events can not go ahead this year, so the society have moved away from their traditional efforts to a more Covid friendly Med Week in which they will be raising funds for the Bone Marrow for Leukaemia Trust.

Instead of the usual events here is what the society has planned:

Monday February 15th UCD Medicine Merchandise Sale
Tuesday February 16thOnline Quiz
Wednesday February 17th Sponsored Run
Thursday February 18th Online Charity Information Session
Friday February 19thOnline Social Media Campaign


The Med Society have outlined how each day will work in line with Covid restrictions.

Monday February 15th – UCD Merchandise Sale

The Society will have a limited edition UCD Medicine / BMLT branded merchandise sale. They will promote this sale heavily on social media. Proposed garments include hoodies and hats, with a BMLT/UCD

Tuesday February 16th – Online Quiz

Tuesday will feature an online Pub Quiz, run through an online quiz platform. Rounds will be based on general knowledge and UCD Medicine trivia. Students will pay a fee to take part in the quiz

Wednesday February 17th – Sponsored Run

In keeping with the UCD Med Week tradition of having a sporting event on the Wednesday of Med Week, the Society will organise a sponsored 5km run that people will do individually. Around the time of the run the society will promote it heavily on social media. A text to donate option for anyone not signed up for the Med Day challenges but who wish to participate in the sponsored run will be available.

Thursday February 18th – Charity Information Session

In consultation with BMLT we will run an academic lecture with their clinicians & tour of BMLT facilities and transplant process.

Friday February 19th – Online Social Media Campaign

This year, instead of recruiting society members to give up a day to shake buckets on the street they will be asked to be involved with the fundraiser by signing up to be a part of a group ‘GoFundMe’ effort. The Society will set up and maintain a GoFundMe account and campaign which their members can then opt to be a part of. In order to receive donations, members will choose for themselves a challenge, the choice of challenge will be left open for individuals to come up with themselves, but some examples include; Sky diving, running, daily sea swimming, shave or dye challenges etc. It will be up to members to complete their challenges and will be free to do so at any time on Friday. They also will show us photo or video evidence that can be shared on social media.