VHI Women’s Mini Marathon 2022

Sunday, June 5th in Dublin. The day over 40,000 women enter the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon. A major calendar event for any runner or walker alike.

Unlike the past 2 years, this year the event will be taking place in person. Yes, you will have 40,000 people running ahead of you, behind you or beside you. The atmosphere will be eccentric.

This year we would ask that if you are running, to please consider running it in aid of the Bone Marrow Trust. This has been made even easier for us this year as we are one of the partner charities with VHI this year. You can select us as your charity of choice and raise funds online via GivenGain.

Have a look at the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon page for more information.

Every bit of fundraising helps. If you would like to do the mini-marathon for the trust, or if you would like to discuss other fundraising ideas with us, please get in touch today.